Who we are

INEX AGRO Ltd. is a family company founded in 2006 and specialized in growing and processing of fruit – plums and apples. The company owns both conventionally grown and organic orchards in the outskirts of Stara Planina (the Balkan Mountain) near the villages of Slaveykovo and Skalsko, Dryanovo municipality.

The orchards were planted between 2006 and 2009. The majority of the trees are having drip irrigation systems.

INEX AGRO was first in Bulgaria to install frost protection wind machines.

INEX AGRO Ltd. specializes in drying fruit and vegetables. The production premises of the company are in Slaveykovo village, Dryanovo municipality. The company operates three chamber and one tunnel dryer and has modern equipment for processing and packing of the dried fruit and vegetables.

INEX AGRO Ltd. is predominantly drying its own fresh fruit. For the fruit and vegetables we do not grow, we co-operate with renowned farmers for further processing of their fresh produce.

INEX AGRO Ltd. produces not only dried fruit and vegetables but also 100 % direct apple juice from its fresh apples.

The company has a climatic chamber with a volume of 600 cubic meters for storing the fresh fruit.

INEX AGRO Ltd. has implemented HACCP in its production.

The organic growth and processing are controlled by an independent supervisory organization which monitors the orchards and the processing on an annual basis and issues a certificate for organic production for the fresh and dried fruit.

In all our undertakings we are striving to maintain the trust of our clients and to enrich the assortment of the final products we offer.

INEX AGRO’s dried fruit and vegetables enjoy a warm welcome both on the domestic and international markets.


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